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We help active adults and youth athletes in the Philippines get back to activities they love without requiring TOO MANY diagnostic testing, surgery, painkillers and frequent visit to doctor’s office.

​Ron and his PT consultants believe in using Hands On Corrective procedures to let the body heal itself. Too often our patients comes from hospitals and have been let down by their PT and MDs by doing non corrective procedures like HOT Compress, TENS, Ultrasound and random exercises aka THE HAPPY MEAL combo.

​When doctors say, “just stretch it or it’s old age or you gained weight, we say, “come to us, and let us help you find where the issue is really coming from.”

Ron has trained his PT consultants to address the person and not just the PAIN. This approach leads to permanent return to daily activities such as playing sports, gardening, walking, stairs, etc.

Dr. Ron graduated with his Bachelors in Physical therapy from Fatima University in Valenzuela, Philippines, and later on graduated with a Doctor of physical therapy degree from Utica College, NY.

​We have 17 locations all over Metro Manila, North and South Luzon,
and Visayas, and 1 in Rockford, Illinois.

HOW CAN Active Life HELP?

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