All You Need to Know About Scoliosis

All You Need to Know About Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a constant back pain condition. The right hip is higher than the other, thus the patient walks crooked/not in a straight line. One feels that the right shoulder is more forward than the left and is more noticed when they wear loose clothing.

The lower back will feel like it needs to pop every day, and the hips have to be popped every morning for one to walk comfortably. If stress is combined with Scoliosis, then that causes TMJ, which one has to then deal with that too daily. Staying in one position for too long (including sleeping) can cause foggy headaches.

Sometimes the pain is so intense that it makes one lose their appetite or makes them feel nauseous. Hypertension is caused by Scoliosis as well, and sometimes one might feel pain/pressure or an irregular heartbeat (palpitations) in their heart and a tight left arm.

Sometimes the breathing is constrained, so one can’t breathe well. Being cold intensifies the pain since the muscles are constricted, so you should try to be warm all the time. Scoliosis appears to be a chronic problem, but a Physical Therapist can help manage your symptoms and improve your condition.

What causes it?

Scoliosis is thought to be caused by improper ways of basic dance skills training and a person’s sitting position. It can occur from bad posture, muscle weakness and can also be congenital. Scoliosis can happen in healthy and unhealthy people both, as well as children.


Physical Therapy can help identify and assess the cause of Scoliosis. The PTs can guide exercises and changes in lifestyle that will revert Scoliosis. It can help manage the pain that can result from having Scoliosis.

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